Oooooh, magic!

Major Aspected: Aspect Manipulation, Dispel (opposite Aspect only) + 2 Powers, -1PP to cast/maintain, +2 Damage Vulnerability vs. opposite Aspect.

Minor Aspected: Aspect Manipulation, Dispel (opposite Aspect only) + 1 Power, +1 Damage Vulnerability vs. opposite Aspect, Powers must be one Rank less than character.

May have active powers = 1/2 Spirit Die.

Aspect Skill based on Spirit. Rolling a natural 1 on Skill die results in automatic Shaken. This can cause a wound. Aspect magic is purely mental, you do not need a free hand or the ability to speak.

Any Power is open to any Aspect with GM approval. (Must make sense)



Minor Aspect: Novice, Spirit d6+, Human, Quarterfae – You gain 5PP and the Aspect Manipulation power + 1 other. Power taken must be 1 Rank lower or less than your character’s rank. Cannot take opposite Aspect if you already possess any Aspects.

Major Aspect: Novice, Spirit d8+ Aspect skill d8+, Minor Aspect – You gain access to Major Aspect. +1 power, may be of same Rank as the character.

Opposite Aspect: Novice, Spirit d10+, Aspect skill d10+, Human – You gain the Minor Aspect Edge in an Aspect that is opposite of an Aspect you already possess.


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